Hello, I'm Nikki - it's lovely to meet you!

I have been a massage and holistic therapist since 1999. For the last 20 years, massage therapies have been my life and livelihood; first purely as a practitioner, and later as a massage teacher and spa trainer.

I live in two places - half the the time in Manchester and half on Anglesey.

I like to say my house is in Manchester but my heart and home is on Anglesey. Manchester is where I have my Massage school, so I go back to teach and also to give treatments to my favourite clients, who I couldn't abandon just because I half-moved to Wales!

And Anglesey is where my three loves live; Simon (my partner), Storm (my dog) and the Sea.

 Massage is my fourth love. I believe if everyone had a daily massage, there would be world peace!

I also believe that a massage and holistic treatments should be a work of art, not a conveyor belt of sameness. Every treatment should have soul AND substance,

My treatments are both remedial and relaxing. I like to think they give exactly the right pressure, in exactly the right places. The body must be persuaded to let go, not battered into submission! 

All my treatments are tailored to your individual needs and always include a full consultation regarding health, lifestyle and well-being. I am registered with the Federation of Holistic Therapists and I work to the highest  standards. So you can be rest assured that you are in safe and professional hands when you visit.

I believe passionately in excellent standards of training and education for therapy practitioners. I own Orchid Massage Academy in Manchester where we teach professional massage and holistic therapy courses; creating great therapists is my life’s work!

I have personally found holistic and alternative therapies invaluable in my own life and still get regular treatments.  After all, how do you go about healing others if you are not centred and balanced yourself?

And when I'm not doing treatments in Aberffraw, or teaching in Manchester. You can probably find me getting blown away on the coastal path somewhere - with my dog, Storm. 


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