Massage for stressed, anxious, busy people who are struggling with back, neck and shoulder pain.

Therapeutic massage in Aberffraw, on the magical island of Anglesey



You've been trying to ignore it, but you know you REALLY could do with a massage.

Your body feels achy and tight. Your shoulders feel like rocks and have decided they live somewhere next to your ears. Your lower back aches, your neck feels stiff. In fact, now you come to notice it - EVERY PART OF YOU feels stiff and you've aged 10 years suddenly.

You've been so busy keeping it all together - keeping everyone together -  that your own body and mind have taken a bit of a beating.

You've got used to the painful, sore bits of you. You just live with them. 

Well, maybe it's time for that to change? Maybe it's time for you to have a chance to relax and be looked after too?


I work with stressed, anxious and busy people like you, who are struggling with aches and pains in their back, neck and shoulders. Through my massage and holistic therapies, I will help you have less pain, feel calm, relaxed and more at ease, so you can move freely, sleep better and generally feel human again

A Port in the Storm...

If you've been to Aberffraw, you'll know that it takes a regular battering from the elements. It's pretty wild and windswept here. 
I like to think my treatments are a little port in the storm; a place for you to take a break from the daily pummelling of life. You may come in feeling a little battered and broken, but my aim is that you'll walk out feeling like you've been put back together. 

This is what my treatments are all about; giving you the time, space and expert techniques to help you get your body - and your breath - back.

Maybe, just for a while, it's time for you to come inside out of the storm?


My treatments are designed to meet you exactly where you're at. To give you exactly what you feel you need. It doesn't matter what treatment you choose (and if you want, we can mix any treatments together) I'll do my best to ensure that you leave feeling better; in less pain, calm, relaxed and more at ease; like you can move freely, sleep better and generally feel human again.

You may come just as a one-off, or you may come every week. (Many do - these treatments are addictive!) It doesn't matter - what matters is that you leave feeling better. Feeling like yourself again. 





"It's the best massage you'll ever have!

Having experienced a range of massages from many different therapists, what Nikki gives is something on a totally different level. I left feeling like I'd experienced a piece of artistry.

Very Grateful."

Emily, Manchester

"Nikki's treatments are truly incredible.

You arrive a knotty, achy ball of stress and you float home. She has an amazing knack of zoning in on the exact point of pain and "fixing" you."

Kate, Cheshire

" Nikki gave me the best massage I have ever had, 


a nd I truly understood the difference between massage therapy and pampering. Afterwards I went home and slept the best I have all year. If she lived in London I’d see her every week! "

Polly. London 

Polly, London

Aberffraw, Anglesey, LL63 5EQ

07903 835898

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